Starving rescue pup Dobby found dodging traffic on busy road

Dobby was saved from certain death until AFOT stepped in and managed to find him a foster place in Turkey. As sometimes happens, his new foster carer fell in love with and so he has found his happy ever after with her. Here is his original story:

It is hard to believe that this sweet and affectionate young pup was thrown out on to the streets and left to survive on his own at the tender age of about five months.

We believe that he and a sibling were living in a home somewhere until their entertainment value began to wane.

They appeared out of nowhere one day and dumped close to a busy main road with fast moving traffic near Kalkan.

Dobby when he was first taken in off the streets

They had no road sense whatsoever and horrified residents watched as they came so close to disaster on a number of occasions.

Eventually they were spotted by a street animal charity in Kalkan and fortunately they were able to find a home for Dobby’s sibling.

No such luck for Dobby and so they took him in and put out an alert for someone to offer help for this poor lad.

There was no way they could leave him on the road as it was only a matter of time before he was badly injured or worse.

Dobby is now happy with his home comforts in foster care

When the volunteers picked him up this frightened young pup quickly nestled into their arms and clearly welcomed the show of care and affection.

Dobby was painfully thin when he was taken in and it was obvious that he had not had a decent meal for days.

We do not know how long he had out there fending for himself before kind volunteers took him in.

Dobby was painfully think when he was first taken in

The appeal reached us at Animal Friends of Turkey and we were happy to step forward and take him in. Happily he is now in foster care.

He is now eating well and thankfully he is starting to put on much needed help.

This has enabled us to start giving him the vaccinations and medication he needs to get him ready for travel to the UK.

Happily this playful and affectionate pup is now putting on weight

We think this might be around November of this year when he will be around nine months old.

Dobby is also being helped by some AFOT supporters who have kindly volunteered to help fund the medication and treatment he needs.

Since coming into foster care he has begun to come fully out of himself and is loving the company of the other dogs there.

He is a very playful and happy chap and he is loving his newfound home comforts.

Dobby is a gorgeous, cuddly boy who loves playing with the bigger dogs

He loves his cuddles and he is a very polite lad and will happily wait patiently for his dinner to be served at meal times.

He is also loving his daily walks and is great on the lead even if he is still not that street wise.

All we need now is to find someone to offer him the secure, loving home that he deserves.

Dobby had not eaten for days when he was first rescued

So if you feel you could be that special person for one of our dogs then please check out what’s involved in taking on one of our rescue dogs by clicking this link and reading our Dog Adoption Policy guidelines.

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