Pace of AFOT’s work gathers pace to meet a growing and desperate need

The work of Animal Friends of Turkey is gathering pace and momentum at an alarming rate.

Our wonderful band of supporters who do so much to help us through regular donations have allowed us to grow quickly.  They are the true heroes of our cause as without them we could do nothing.

However, the pressure of demand to help so many animals in desperate need in Turkey is threatening to outstretch us.

At the moment we are involved in the rescue and rehoming of no fewer than NINE animals that are scheduled to travel to the UK in March and April alone.

There are more scheduled to follow them shortly after that.

Your help is desperately needed now

As things stand, our kennel and foster care costs are running at just over £1,000 a month and the travel costs of £4,250 for those nine animals alone are yet to be met.

We also currently have one dog undergoing life saving veterinary treatment and this also adds to our costs.

And to add to all this Animal Friends of Turkey have just committed to helping a further eight dogs in need of rescuing in the past five weeks alone.

With NINE animals travelling to the UK in March and April & travel costs of £4250 still to be met, your ongoing and expanded support is absolutely vital to us.

This is without any of our other regular costs to cover injections, blood tests, state vet fees, unplanned vet costs.

We have been going for 10 short months, and what has been achieved so far has been nothing short of incredible due to your magnificent support, BUT we have to keep it going.

How can you help RIGHT NOW?

if you are not one of our precious regular monthly donators, please consider it, however big or small you can manage. This stream of regular income is so vital to use and it provides a lifeblood in support of our work.

If you cannot commit to regular donations then please make a one-off donation TODAY no matter how small, as it does all add up.

Alternatively you could sponsor the costs of covering a week for one of our dogs in kennels or foster.

There are any number of ways you can get involved to help us give these poor rescue animals a chance of happiness in a new home in the UK.

If you want to make a donation then you can do so either via our Paypal account which you can go to by clicking here – AFOT Paypal

This Paypal donation can be sent as a small monthly donation or it is possible for you to set a small recurring monthly standing order donation directly into our bank account.

Or if you prefer you can make a donation directly to our bank account by transfer to Animal Friends of Turkey (AFOT). Our bank account details are as follows: Sort code: 30-90-89 Account number 37878068

We hope you can help and for all those currently doing so much for us PLEASE keep offering your support x