Animal Friends of Turkey are developing an excellent relationship with a leading UK charity that has set us on course to rescue four Pointers abandoned in Turkey.

The first Pointer – Nokta – is already living a wonderful new life in his new forever home in the UK. You can read his story by following this link Carefree Nokta to Run Free in the UK

Nokta – just one of the Pointers AFOT has helped to find happiness in the UK

When we came across Nokta we contacted the UK-based Pointer Rescue Service to ask if they wanted to help.

They were delighted to team up with us and between us we organised his paperwork and transportation to a new family in the UK. He is now happy and thriving in his new home.

As their name suggests, Pointer Rescue Service is a registered charity dedicated to helping abandoned Pointers.

Some time later we came across another pair of English Pointers that had been taken to the Koyceyiz shelter.

The pair – later named Greyson and Gabrielle – were rescued from the streets in quite upsetting condition. They were found separately on different days but both were extremely malnourished and emaciated.

Gabrielle was painfully thin when she was found and taken into the Koyceyiz shelter

When we heard about them we decided to reach out to our friends in Pointer Rescue Service to see whether they wanted to team up in an effort to find these two a happier and brighter future.

They did not hesitate and have offered significant help towards the cost of their treatment and transportation.

Greyson is a beautiful proud Pointer who just wants to belong

The pair were clearly struggling in the shelter, which can be very overwhelming, and especially Gabrielle who stopped eating.

We immediately found foster homes for them both and in the case of Gabrielle we ensured we found someone who could give Gabrielle special one-to-one care.

This was offered by a friend of the shelter and she has been doing a wonderful job in building her strength and her confidence back up.

Greyson was placed with a temporary foster carer he will soon be ready to move to the home of an AFOT carer over in Turkey while paperwork is sorted out for him. Hopefully Gabrielle will be able to join him there shortly.

No sooner had we attended to this pair when another Pointer in distress came to our attention.

Neighbours alerted us to the case of another English Pointer in the ownership of Turkish family that was threatening to dump him at the shelter – or worse – after he had killed one of their chickens.

The kindhearted neighbours offered to pay the man for his chicken in return for taking the dog away from him.

Lancelot was threatened with being put down after he killed a chicken

We arranged to place him in foster care and once again we contacted Pointer Rescue Service to ask if they wanted to help us with his rescue.

Once again they did not hesitate and they even suggested a name for this fine fellow – Lancelot.

Lancelot was extremely thin when we took him and it was clear that he had not been well cared for. He is now receiving the love, care and attention he needs while we take the steps needed to ready him for transportation to the UK.

These collaborations with specialist breed rescue charities can work especially well combining our knowledge and network on the ground with their resources to support the rescue.

We will continue to nurture such relationships as it means that our own funds that come directly from volunteer donors and supporters can be spread further to help even more dogs in need of rehoming.