“We’ve been so impressed by the professionalism, dedication and passion of everyone involved in the charity.”

– Joanne Molloy

All Ruzgar’s Birthdays and Christmas’s have come at once

We saw Ruzgar’s photo quite by accident on Facebook and both fell in love with him. We’d lost our Boxer girl Peaches, aged 13, in the February 2019 and when we came across Ruzgar three months later it was love at first sight. We’ve always had Boxers so it was always going to be another Boxer but Ruzgar’s face and his story just broke our hearts.

We applied via the website and had a telephone interview with Carol Holbrook, a very experienced lady, who was very knowledgeable about Boxers and all dogs. Due to the outbreak of Covid we had to wait for our home check but when it eventually took place it was very thorough and we were asked lots of questions about our experience, what we fed our dogs, various scenarios and exercise routines. It was obvious it was us who had to prove we were the right people for Ruzgar and not that it was just a matter of box ticking. Luckily we passed with flying colours and got a call later from Carol to say we had passed and to explain the next stage.

The paperwork was exchanged and then it was a matter of waiting. We were put in touch with Ruzgar’s foster Mum & Dad, Yvonne & Keith in Turkey who would send us photos and updates and it was so lovely to see his antics.

August came and it was time for the trip. It was to be a five day land trip for Ruzgar and we felt very nervous for him. A special Facebook page was set up specifically for the adopters of the dogs on that bus to keep us up to date at all times of what was happening with messages and photos and we could even track them. We were tracking them every waking hour. That trip felt like a lifetime to us but finally the big day arrived and our beloved Ruzgar arrived.

He was exhausted and a bit confused by it all but we felt assured that he had been taken good care of on the long trip over from Turkey. Carol had advised that it takes a couple of weeks for them to recover from the trip and Ruzgar slept most of those two weeks. Carol rang a couple of days later to check he had settled in OK and he had. It was as if we’d had him from a pup.

It was an absolute honour to be approved to become Ruzgar’s new Mum and Dad and we wouldn’t be without him. He is a typical Boxer, full of fun and absolutely loves to have loves and hugs. His favourite things are to go on very long walks…he would never stop if he had his way, and to drape across our knee at any and every opportunity. He’s had some wonderful new experiences…luscious green grass, snow, holiday seaside fish & chips, Christmas unwrapping, Yorkshire Pudding, the list goes on and on and is growing day by day. He adores everyone he meets, particularly his new adult Brother & Sister and loves it when they come home. He has lots of lovely doggy friends locally too. He’s loving his new life and we’re loving living it with him.

Life with Ruzgar is amazing, but it’s meant a lot more to us as, so impressed by the professionalism, dedication and passion of the charity, Joanne has now become a volunteer and committee member for AFOT. “Rescuing desperately needy dogs and helping to find their loving UK forever homes is an absolute pleasure and the wonderful people I meet along the way become amazing friends too. Ruzgar found us for a reason.”

Mark & Joanne Molloy