“Never underestimate the power of love a dog or pet can bring you.”

– Viv Jackson

Beautiful Bonnie has certainly made herself at home

Where do I start… In 2018 while on holiday in Turkey, my Son and Daughte-in-law rescued a dog in the Turkish resort of Calis Beach. We had no idea at the time that this wonderful charity existed. It was only by pure chance that someone we met on a holiday 9 years prior to this one, recognised where we were and told us about the charity.

The dog, named Beren, was taken to the marvellous foster carers who live out there in Turkey and was taken off the streets and cared for by them. Unfortunately when Beren was due to travel to the UK a couple of weeks before, he was bitten by a snake or something else dangerous, and the poor boy never made it to his forever home.

Since that day we have carried on supporting the marvellous work they all do. They are an inspiration, they make sure the dogs are cared for and manage to secure the best homes for them.

In May 2020 during some very dark days during lockdown, my 3 year old retriever developed a tumour and I sadly lost him in May 2020.

Within a few week of having a very empty home I decided to adopt a lovely dog called Bonnie from the Charity.

Carol was very supportive and I received pictures of Bonnie until she could travel to her forever home.

She arrived on 15th December 2020 just in time for Christmas. She is adorable, she makes me laugh every day, she should really be called Princess.

Without Bonnie my life would certainly feel empty. She is my life and she is my gorgeous fur baby.

Never under estimate the power of love a dog or any pet brings you. Life would be very boring without her.

To quote a very well known phrase from a Holly wood blockbuster, ‘I would die for her’.

This Charity deserves all the credit and support you can give it. It is an amazing Charity, and I am so glad that we found it in 2018.

Viv Jackson