Please read this heartfelt Appeal for the long-term survival of AFOT – a £25,000 appeal to secure our own transport operation from Turkey to the UK.

As hard as it is for us to admit this publicly but the past 18 months came SO close to killing us off as a charity.

The impact Covid had on fundraising hit us hard but it was the crippling effects of the pet transport ban targeted particularly at rescue charities like ours that threatened us the most.

There have been times when it felt easier to just give up but the truth is we just could not turn our backs on the dogs we knew would die or suffer without our help. 

It was the dogs that kept us going and thank God for that.

The Turkish authorities have not reinstated the commercial pet transport routes that we have relied on in the past.  Instead they came up with a new complex set of regulations that for some time seemed impossible to work with.

We have wrestled with these rules and have finally found a way through but it is clear that it will only really work with our own van and our own transport operation.

We are now putting the final things in place to comply with the new rules, which has included partnering more closely with a Turkish rescue charity as well as setting up very own Turkish transport company.

The pet transport industry in Turkey is finding its own way through these rules but the cost of this combined with the strong demand for transport places has driven the cost of places through the roof.  Most are now charging close to £1,000 per dog. These prices are not sustainable for a small charity such as ours.

This is why this move to secure our own van is so vital to the long-term future of everything we are doing to help transform the lives of so many abused and abandoned dogs.

This is why we need your help.

We ask so much of you our supporters and this is a big ask but we hope and pray that you will be able to help us.

We will of course explore many avenues to raise the money we need including efforts to secure grant and sponsorship money but this will not be enough on its own.

It’s a big ask we know.  Can we do it – I don’t know but we will sure as hell give it our best shot.  If we don’t try then we don’t know how many dogs will die or suffer.

Please help us fight back by giving whatever you can.

You can donate via Pay Pal by following this link Paypal

Or you can pay directly into our bank account using the reference ‘Survival’ using our Bank sort code: 30-90-89 and Account no: 37878068 with the name of account: AFOT