AFOT appeal saves handsome Noah from losing his leg

Noah’s story made headlines here in the UK as part of the appeal we set up to raise the funds we needed to save this poor boy from losing his leg. He was initially fostered by our Trustee Andy Gough and his wife Jane as they oversaw the work to save his damaged limb. Within months they fully adopted him and he is very much fully intact and very much part of the Gough family. Here is his original story …

Beautiful brave Noah is living testimony to the way Animal Friends of Turkey works to help save the lives of poor unfortunate dogs from the street.

Noah was just three-months old when he was hit be a car and suffered terrible injuries to his front leg.

He was taken to the shelter where they tried to patch him up but the operation failed and he was left with a deformed leg and nowhere to go.

It was then that Noah came to the attention of the AFOT team and we did not hestitate in taking him into our foster care network.

Young pup Noah with strapping on in the shelter in an attempt to straighten his leg

The initial view from the vet was that there was no hope for his leg and that it needed to be amputated.

We sought a second opinion and finally we took him to a specialist near Marmaris only to be told the same thing – there was no hope.

The AFOT team were not convinced and arranged to show his x-rays to a leading orthopaedic vet in the UK. He confirmed that while it was a long shot, there was a chance his leg could be saved.

Noah is happy now living in Suffolk with his Turkish rescue sister Dolly

The charity set up an appeal to get him to the UK and to pay for the exploratory examination he needed to fully assess his injuries.

The conclusion of that was that while the damage to his elbow joint was too severe to make surgery a viable option there was still hope in saving his leg.

By now Noah had gone into foster care at the home of one of AFOT’s Trustees and committee members Andy Gough and his wife Jane in Suffolk.

Noah being visited by Andy Gough while he was in foster care in Turkey

Under direction of the vet there Noah underwent a new regime of supplements, exercise and physio to help encourage him to build strength back into his weakened leg.

Slowly but surely Noah has regained strength and while he still walks with a limp due to his front leg being shorter he is a fully functioning four-legged dog.

As with all the best stories it did not end there because it was not long before this lovable and gorgeous boy captured the hearts of Andy and Jane and their Turkish rescue girl Dolly.

Some months later and what a difference – Andy and Noah at home in Suffolk

The result was that Noah has been adopted by them and is now a fully fledged member of the Gough household.

When he first came into AFOT care he was in tremendous pain and it saddened the heart to see him so stricken.

The easy thing for us to have done would have been to remove his leg and he would have coped we are sure as many animals do.

Noah settling down in front of the warm fire

However, something told us that was not the future for this pup and we are glad we followed our instincts.

Today he is totally pain free, he runs and plays with full rough and tumble and the best of it all – he is happy and thriving.

To see him now compared to the way he was when he came into our foster network in Turkey and it is hard top realise this is the same dog.

Noah loves his walks and his off lead time in the Suffolk countryside

This is what AFOT and its army of wonderful and generous supporters can do.

They can take sad and broken lives and transform them with love and happiness.

As a charity that is what we strive to do.

Sad Noah was in a world of pain when he came to us from the shelter in Turkey