Animal Friends of Turkey often works in partnership with other reputable dog rescue charities in the UK to help dogs in need of rehoming.

There are a number of such charities who focus their efforts and energies on helping dogs of a specific breed.

And Animal Friends are currently working with two such rescue charities to help two dogs make the journey to new homes in the UK.

One of these dogs is a beautiful St Bernard who was found after it had been left abandoned locked a back yard after the owner had upped and left.

St Bernard Reggie was found abandoned in a locked garden without food or water

The dog – now named Reggie – had no access to food or water and had no way of getting out.

Neighbours became concerned when they realised what had happened and one of them approached Animal Friends of Turkey for help.

We managed to get him out of the garden and into a place of safety. We then contacted the St Bernard rescue charity to ask if they wanted to work with us on finding a new home for Reggie.

They offered to pay for his transportation and will also help find a home for him.

Reggie is currently in kennels in Turkey awaiting completion of his paperwork before making the journey across Europe.

Animal Friends have also teamed up with another rescue charity to help a gorgeous Boxer dog found abandoned and in a bad state.

Animal Friends has good contacts within the Buddy’s Boxer Rescue charity and they were only too happy to work with us to find a new home and happiness for this girl.

Rescue dog Mary was found in appalling condition on the streets of a mountain village

This Boxer was found wandering alone and in appalling condition on the streets of a mountain village.

She was picked up and taken to the shelter at Dalyan to be treated and made comfortable.

The shelter contacted Animal Friends of Turkey for help

The shelter knew that Animal Friends had contacts with UK Boxer breed rescue charities and so alerted us to her plight. We were happy to step in to help her.

She was found just before Christmas and because of this Buddy’s elected to name her Mary.

We have since managed to find a foster home for Mary and she is now thriving while we help sort out her paperwork.

Buddy’s have offered to help with her costs and a new home has already been found for her in the UK.

We are happy to say that Mary is now ready to make the trip to her new home in the UK in April.